about us


G3 Life Applications, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit holistic mentoring company utilizing sports, incentive based activities and the following Circuit Training Programs:

– Enlightenment with Health and Nutrition

– Enhancement in Literacy, Life and Social Skills

– Education in Financial Literacy and Money Management

– Enrichment through Leader-In-Transitions (LIT)

– Elevation of Athletic Specialized Skills Training

We believe these programs are the solution to help youth and young adults change their thought process and either develop or strengthen their core values.

Our Vision

To have G3 Compounds within communities throughout the nation where individuals and families of ALL creeds, ethnicity, and or socio economic backgrounds will have access to holistic learning centers; providing the tools for Spiritual, Educational and Physical wellness and growth; thereby, developing participants life skills and value systems ensuring they are on the right path to become productive citizens uplifting their communities.

Our Mission

To positively impact youth, young adults and communities holistically by transitioning their thinking to capitalize on their potential through exposure, education and inspiration.

Our Objective

To transition the thinking, values, and actions of our youth and young adults within disadvantaged, at-risk, and or surrounding communities. Our measurable outcomes continue to reflect our impact on participant’s learned skills, actions, and everyday lives. Some measured outcomes include:

1) Develop future leaders & entrepreneurs;

2) Demonstrate elevated decision making;

3) Produce graduates with aspirations for higher levels of education;

4) Create a service oriented and community based atmosphere for youth and young adults;

5) Enhancing life & social etiquette skills;

6) Develop skill which increase the level of employability and sustainability within the work place;

7) Increased knowledge and awareness of individual self-worth;

8) Create Graduates;

Our desired outcome is youth and young adults transitioning from becoming products of their environments into the Leaders of Tomorrow!