Mental Matters Most

For G3 Life Applications to work the participant has to commit both mentally and physically to their own well being. Mentally we ask that each person push themselves within reason by challenging their mind to do more. This leads to long term success which will allow the person to be a contributor to society long past the days of their athletic prowess. Intellectual cultivation is paramount to any successful individual, and as long as they want it for themselves G3 WILL help them achieve their goals. All of this hard work means nothing if each person isn’t committed to being socially responsible and financially wise. All of the hard work done to get good grades and achieve a desired career will be undone by an inability to properly conduct oneself or ones finances. At G3 we help the Mental Apps work by…

Literacy, Life and Social Skills – Enhancement

  • G3 S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • SAT/ACT Prep Classes
  • Life skills, career exposure
  • Social and dinning etiquette
  • Education/specialized tutoring on fundamentals (i.e., math and reading) and all grade school subjects
  • Financial and money management (i.e., banking, budgeting, financial planning, savings etc…)

For those who want to take Mental Apps to the next level by focusing on enhancing core values, spiritual enrichment and professional enrichment – this is the circuit for them! As for core values and spiritual enrichment we have staff who can relate to the socio-economic challenges youth face and are capable of bestowing strong guiding principles because of their unique understanding and passion for making a difference. And for those seeking assistance in a future career path we have a myriad of successful business professionals at their disposal as well. All of whom want nothing more than to see the next generation succeed by bestowing upon them information which could help make the difference between success and failure. At G3 we take Mental Apps to the next level by…

Leaders-In-Transition – Enrichment

  • Bible based skills applications
  • Leadership principles and core value systems
  • Business entrepreneur development
  • Motivational speaking
  • Public speaking and enunciation
  • G3 S.W.A.G (Style, Walk, Attitude, Grace)