Getting PHYSICAL and Getting HEALTHY

For G3 Life Applications to work the participant has to commit both physically and mentally to their own well being. Physically we ask that each person push themselves within reason by challenging their body to do more. This leads to burning more fat, increasing energy, boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of many diseases. All of this hard work means nothing if each person isn’t committed to eating healthy because low quality food at the table can undo all the hard work on the field. At G3 we help the Physical Apps work by…

Health and Nutrition – Enlightenment

  • Organized exercise and drills
  • Universal boot camps
  • The basics of nutrition (i.e. what are balance meals)
  • Food choices (i.e. nutritional snacks, how to read nutrition labels)
  • How the body processes foods

For those who want to take their Physical Apps to the next level and would like to elevate or enhance the physical ability, we have a place for them! Fortunately we have a myriad of former collegiate and professional athletes eager to lead the next generation down the path to success that they have already blazed. We also have coaches with a track record of helping to cultivate talent to the point of professional success. At G3 we take Physical Apps to the next level by…

  Athletic Specialized Skills Training – Elevation

  • Sports fundamentals (i.e.; Discipline, Determination, Dedication…)
  • Skills enhancement and position specific training
  • Athletic circuit training